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2024 Vampire for Hire (Episodic TV) Director of Photography

2024 Vacations "Next Exit" (Music Video) Director of Photography

2023 Estado de Reggaeton (Documentary) D.P/ Editor

2023 Lucha en la Luz (Short Film) Director of Photography

2023 OKX "Trade like the Pros" (Commercial Series) Director of Photography

2022 Bullish/Bearish (Web Series) D.P/ Editor

2022 Beam/Suntory, "On the Rocks" (Commercial)  Director of Photography

2022 Game,Set,Black (Documentary Series)  Director of Photography

2021 Lucinus (Short Film) Director of Photography

2021 OKcoin, "I am Satoshi" (Short Doc Series) Director of Photography

2021 Kraken "Crypto Explained" (Short Doc Series) Director of Photography

2021 Wrabel "Live form the Village" (Music Video) Director of Photography

2019 UOMA Beauty "Brow-Fro" (Commercial) Director of Photography

 2019 Sorel "Mile Long Runway" (Commercial) Director of Photography

2019 Love and Hip Hop (TV Series) Director of Photography

2019 Electra Bikes (Commercial) Director of Photography 

2019 Pink Opaque (Feature Film) Director of Photography 

2018 The Garcias (TV Pilot) Director of Photography

2018 Growing Up Hip Hop Season 4 (TV Series) Director of Photography 

2017 Mary Mary (TV Series) Director of Photography 

2017 Petnet (Multiple Commercials) Director/ Director of Photography

2017 Growing UP Hip Hop Atlanta  (TV Series) Director of Photography

2017 Growing Up Hip Hop Season 3 (TV Series) Director of Photography 

2016 Namibian Craft: The Unknown and the Outsiders (Documentary) D.P.

2016 Plastic Divas (Pilot) Director of Photography 

2016 "Life Ain't Easy" (Sizzle) Director of Photography 

2016 Paradise B&B (Sizzle) Director of Photography 

2016 Growing up Hip Hop Season 2 (TV Series) Director of Photography  

2016 Jabbawockeez, The Movement (Web Series) Director of Photography 

2015 Growing Up Hip Hop (TV Series) Director of Photography

2015 Black INC Chicago (TV Series) Camera Operator

2015 Last Summer Live (Sizzle) Camera Operator

2014 Drugs Inc (TV Series) Director of Photography

2014 Nellyville (TV Series) Camera Operator

2014 SWV Reunited (TV Series) Camera Operator

2013 The Sheards Season 2 (TV Series) Camera Operator

2013 Black ink New Orleans (Sizzle) Camera Operator

2013 Black Ink (TV Series) Camera Operator

2013 Sturgis Raw (Travel Channel Special) Producer/Camera

2013 SWV (TV Series) Camera Operator

2013 Divas of Detroit (sizzle) Producer/Camera

2013 Michele Williams “Sisters Keeper” (Sizzle) Producer/Camera

2012 The Sheards (TV Series) Camera Operator 

2012 Ultimate Travel: Killer Beach Homes (TV Doc) Sound/2nd Camera

2012 Ultimate Travel Florida Beach Weekend (TV Doc) Sound/2nd Camera

2012 Oprah's Next Chapter  (TV Doc Special) 2nd unit DP

2011 PBS “Need to Know”  (TV Doc) Camera  

2010 Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska (TV Doc) Sound/2nd Camera

2010 Takin' it to the streets (Documentary) Camera Op  

2009 ABC Nightline (TV Doc) Camera/ Sound


Production Design  

2013 Sway”Illinois lottery  (TV) Production Designer 

2012 True Value DIY (Web Series) Set Dresser 

2012 Family Dollar Art Director 

2012 “Superstitious” Norelco Art Director 

2012 Grapefruit SMT Art Director 

2012 “Yoga” Lenovo Art Director 

2012 “Que the Cuervo”jose cuervo Art Director 

2011 “Move” Motorola (Print) Art Director 

2011 “Wallgreen's Campaign” (pitch) Art Director 

2010 “Circle of Life” Goshen Center (TV)Art Director 

2010 “Emergency Kit” PSA (Print) Production Designer

2010 “Sound” Craftsman (web) Art Director

2010 “Sunday Explosion” Comcast (TV) Set Dresser 

2010 Ellington Fans (Print) Set Dresser 

2009 “Valentines Banner” Walmart (Web Art Director 

2009 “Hold the Line” AT&T  (TV) Set Dresser 

2009 “Endless Stocking” Belk ( TV) Set Dresser 

2009 “Snus” Camel (Web) Set Dresser 

2009 “Labs” Craftsman (Web series) Set Dresser 

2009 “Bar Girl” Miller Light  (Print) Set Dresser

2009 “Ice Cream” Wallmart (Web) Set Dresser 

2009 Skintimate (Print Ad) Set Dresser 

2008 “Hortica” (Print) Ad Set Dresser 

2008 “Laundry love” (Print)  Set Dresser 

2008 “Audience Award Winner” (short) Production Designer 

2008 Red Moon theatre  Intern






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